Instagram or Facebook in terms of Social Media Marketing.

  The need for social media is a necessary change now! In the era of being online most of the time how can we not mention Instagram and Facebook! Absolutely, from an individual to a brand there isn’t a day without scrolling through these two platforms. Can you even believe that almost over 60 million business pages are on Facebook, not only this guys, around 70.7% of  US companies make use of Instagram with the objective of marketing. In the age of social media, we have the access to tonnes of media platforms but here, let's go through how these two most familiar media platforms are different from each other in terms of marketing. All the media platforms have evolved over the years significantly helping the brands for their awareness. Out of all the media sites, Facebook is the 2 nd most visited website, of course, the first in the race is Google. There are around 3.2 billion active social media users globally out of which 2.4 billion are active Facebook users. And over 1 bi

Topic – What are the Important Elements for a Web Designing Company?

  Web Designing companies have seen a boom in the past few years, due to the rapidly growing need to move online for brand awareness. These companies work in-depth to satisfy their clients with web designing services.  RevClerx is a web designing Company in the Mohali region catering the client needs successfully. Web designing basically puts focuses on the user experience of the website. The web designing company usually includes the creation of user interface design, authoring, search engine optimization, and much more. It involves a thorough knowledge of the colors, texts, and other aspects of the design. Example: You should never use black, except for your text. So, these little rules do make difference. In this blog, let’s go through 5 elements you need to follow being a Web Designing Company! Meaningful Visuals Creating meaningful visuals are great to be included for the website engagement of the audience. The Web Designing Companies must make proper use of the visuals

How is Content Creation the Backbone of Digital Marketing?

  Relevant content creation is the backbone of digital marketing in today’s era. Content creation basically refers to creating, publishing, and disseminating the right content to the target audience. RevClerx has the best content team for your business services. We can create the best story for you that you want to spread across. Your audience might have a lot of questions, from simplest to technical, here, content comes into the picture. It allows you to connect with your audience in the best way and answer their common questions about the work you do. Content works as the spine of the Digital Marketing , creating wide awareness of your brand. Content creation is the strong aspect of digital marketing that not only allows you to build strong relations but also helps in the lead conversions.   Relevant content creation impacts the decision-making of the audience similar to any other technique. Quality content also enhances your SEO efforts. With the correct content strategy, you ca

In 2020 why is CRM software a game-changer for your organization?

  Customer satisfaction is the main aim of any business, for this relationship management with the customers becomes necessary. You might have a wonderful set of skilled employees in your business but in the end, they are humans, and they have their limitations. Maybe you are not aware of CRM software but this may have echoed through your business environment a lot of times.    The choice of the right CRM software according to your business needs can bridge the gap between your business and customers. It allows you to build a strong relationship with the customers by providing in-time-services. Now in 2020, businesses have become a lot smarter and build their in-house CRM’S according to their requirements and the business cycle. Effective management of the customer database is directly proportionate to the organization’s growth. In this blog let’s see how CRM software is the game-changer in 2020: Management of the Contact From sending the right reports on time to receiving feed

How to choose a Social Media Marketing Company for your business?

  It is quite evident that you might get confused while making a choice of which social media marketing company would be best for your business. If you are in the dilemma, then RevClerx is on a rescue mission for your problem. We spare no effort to make you scale your business within your budget. Yes, delivering maximum value under the budget is what we aim at. During the cut-throat competition, lead generation through social media marketing is the need of the hour.   The prospective customers are tempted through various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. Flaunting your brand on the correct social media platform is going to bring you a lot more website traffic, conversions, and ultimately revenue. In this blog, some of the major aspects while choosing a social media company for your business is mentioned. Ascertain your Budget Before you walk any further in this decision, go through your requirements, and set a budget accord


Covid-19 has impacted the global economy at a very high level. Companies are laying off employees instead of hiring and the GDP of India has dropped down to -23%. This is quite disheartening for people. Job seekers from all around the world are struggling to survive. The most prominent sector of work i.e. IT Sector is facing issues like banning of apps, ban on Visas, boycotting certain apps. Well, this is not just because of Covid-19 but Indo-China tensions on LAC. But on the flip side, this will work as a chance for creatively blessed software/web Developers. More of the in-house ideas and apps will come out. Ultimately, this will help to generate opportunities for job seekers. Well, Revclerx is one of those organizations where ideas are always welcomed to discuss. We never stop hiring people. We constantly crave creative minds. We have openings for the following profiles as of now. 1. Full Stack developer 2. Graphic Designer 3. Business Development Executives 4. Client Support Execut